Weekend Force CPAC Tourney Battle Round 3 VS Dark Warriors VICTORY

Hey ACP! Purp your leader here. Today was 7pm UK, we fought the Dark Warriors on Klondike (1 bar of course) for the CPAC Spring showdown: round 3 and of course, victory was ours. We had excellent sizes of 25+, reaching up to around 30-35 – equal sizes to DW. However, we completely dominated the event with our amazing tactics and bombs. Me, Bigmail and Albaro lead this event. Great job everyone! 5 medals if you came. Read more for the pics taken by Sonic, thanks! And sorry Djkb and Albaro, due to my bad internet connection I lost your pictures again D:

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Introduction of Mikester // New Emblems

Hello ACP. My name is Mikester, and as you know by now, I am a new ACP 3ic. Alb and I were promoted on Wednesday, and we are ready to serve ACP in many ways for a long time to come.

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Announcing my Temporary Cessation // New UK Owners

Greetings, ACP.

Today I bring you all notice that I, Flipmoo, will be away from the ACP for a duration for about 2 to 3 weeks due to exam preparations, tennis matches, and the exams itself. I will be back on May 24th, 2014, Saturday, but until then I will not be able to attend any events or talk on xat. I may answer KIK messages, but besides that I will be unable to do anything while I am on leave. I apologize for leaving during a time of instability, but I assure you that with the new temporary/permanent owners, we will be able to overcome this minor obstacle.

Purple Slime will be leading alone while I am gone unless she would like to have a temporary leader alongside her. For now she has decided to lead the ACP by herself, therefore this week will be the start of the;

Purple Slime4 Leadership!

In other news, the recent retirement of our 2nd in Command, Stromae, opened up a UK owner spot within our ranks. After much consideration within the ACP bureaucrats, we have decided to promote…

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[Gendarmerie Report] Ausia Tactics Session


Greetings ACP!

Tonight the Ausia Division logged into White House (three bar) and despite only having a few on chat before the event, came back and ended up maxing 28 and averaging 25. If you attended, you receive three medals. And remember to comment if you came! Here are the results: 


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