Announcing my Temporary Cessation // New UK Owners

Greetings, ACP.

Today I bring you all notice that I, Flipmoo, will be away from the ACP for a duration for about 2 to 3 weeks due to exam preparations, tennis matches, and the exams itself. I will be back on May 24th, 2014, Saturday, but until then I will not be able to attend any events or talk on xat. I may answer KIK messages, but besides that I will be unable to do anything while I am on leave. I apologize for leaving during a time of instability, but I assure you that with the new temporary/permanent owners, we will be able to overcome this minor obstacle.

Purple Slime will be leading alone while I am gone unless she would like to have a temporary leader alongside her. For now she has decided to lead the ACP by herself, therefore this week will be the start of the;

Purple Slime4 Leadership!

In other news, the recent retirement of our 2nd in Command, Stromae, opened up a UK owner spot within our ranks. After much consideration within the ACP bureaucrats, we have decided to promote…

 Slippykicky to an ACP 3rd in Command. Congratulations, Slippy! Slippykicky has been in the ACP since almost a year ago, and although he had been away for 3 months, he has returned completely and is ready to lead the UK division to great heights! Good luck Slippy!

As for the other open UK owner spot, we have decided to rehash the old temporary owner system in order to evaluate on who is more suitable as an owner. We decided on having Ajman and Djkb take part in this system. Ajman and Djkb will both have a chance to be an owner for 2 weeks (starting with Ajman [by popular vote]), and the next person will switch with that person once the two weeks are up. The temporary UK 3iC will be an owner on chat and an author on the ACP website until his temporary ownership expires. Good luck, Ajman and Djkb!

Ahmed was also under consideration to become an UK owner for his hard work and contributions to the ACP, but we have decided to exclude him for this ownership competition for this time seeing that he still hasn’t been in the ACP for long enough compared to Ajman and Djkb. Sorry Ahmed, maybe next time. However, Ahmed is now promoted to an ACP 4iC, and I believe that his efforts and dedication to the ACP will lead to the prevalence of the ACP’s European Division.

~Signing out,



15 Responses

  1. Good luck Purp!
    And congrats Slippy!
    Good luck to Aj and Dj as well!
    Maybe next time, Ahmed. Sorry bud.

  2. ty! now yall gotta leave ahmed alone.

  3. Bai Flip ;(

  4. Congrats to Slippy and may the best owner win between Aj and Dj.

    Good luck Slime but Ahmed should not have gotten 4ic.

    Pretty much Ahmed still got a triple promotion for April, as we are just starting May.

    ~Ahmed through the months~

    January: Unranked

    February: Major

    March: Colonel

    April: Lieutenant General

  5. Good Luck Flip on your tennis matches and exams! 🙂

  6. Congrats Slippy!

  7. So I’m unpopular 😦

  8. Congrats Slippy! And congrats to Dj and Aj on being temp 3ic and slime with temp leader by yourself!! Good luck Flip on everything! 😉

  9. Why was slippy ever promoted, all he did was suck up

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