Introduction of Mikester // New Emblems

Hello ACP. My name is Mikester, and as you know by now, I am a new ACP 3ic. Alb and I were promoted on Wednesday, and we are ready to serve ACP in many ways for a long time to come.

Some of the armies I have led were the Nachos, Golden Troops with Sercan and Jerry, UMA, and Ninjas with Poch and Pringle. I hope to bring experience and activeness to ACP, in hopes of boosting the USA division back to consistently 20+.

We have had the current emblems for 6 months, and there has been talk to bring back the old emblems, the ones you can see on this post made by Dr Nono Jr Here. The old ones are made for the use of the ranks page, and as xat icons on chat, so it is possible for you to wear your ranked emblem on chat. It will be a way for all troops to show their dedication to ACP, and it will be nostalgic to some of the older members in the community.

Note- Since their has been an addition of member ranks, the “retired leader” and “creator” emblems will now serve as the “leader” and “2ic” emblems. Sorry for the Inconvience.


Private 1st Class–

 Lance Corporal–



Staff Sergeant–

Warrent Officer–

Sergeant Major–

2nd Lieutenant–

1st Lieutenant



Lieutenant Colonel–


Brigader General–

Major General–

Lt. General


Field Marshal

Commander in Chief


I hope you like the new(not so new) emblems!


[♣ acρ 3я∂ ιη cσммaη∂ ♣]

15 Responses

  1. I love you, Mike ❤

  2. yes thank you man u just made my day

  3. Omg 4ic get sexy emblems!

  4. Those would be the old emblems from Motor.

  5. The field marshal one is actually for retired leaders.

  6. Awesome! The old skool emblems that Motor made! Where is the secretary of state one?

  7. ohyeah the nostalgia

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