Weekend Force CPAC Tourney Battle Round 3 VS Dark Warriors VICTORY

Hey ACP! Purp your leader here. Today was 7pm UK, we fought the Dark Warriors on Klondike (1 bar of course) for the CPAC Spring showdown: round 3 and of course, victory was ours. We had excellent sizes of 25+, reaching up to around 30-35 – equal sizes to DW. However, we completely dominated the event with our amazing tactics and bombs. Me, Bigmail and Albaro lead this event. Great job everyone! 5 medals if you came. Read more for the pics taken by Sonic, thanks! And sorry Djkb and Albaro, due to my bad internet connection I lost your pictures again D:




19 Responses

  1. made it, great job ACP

  2. Came

  3. I came

  4. I came it was awesome!!

  5. I came. AWESOME job ACP! I’m Paperd, Warrant Officer

  6. I came

  7. I came.

  8. Nice Job ACP I came

  9. I came

  10. I made it, nice job acp 😀

  11. I was there.

  12. I came during the middle as a lockout, then lost internet access at the end 😦

  13. I was here

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