[Garrison Results] US U-Lead Session Results



Greetings, ACP!

Today, the ACP Garrison Division had a training session on Snow Fort, which was a 1 bar at the time. Albaro mainly led the event, but he had to leave soon after. Everyone who got to lead had a chance, and we had decent sizes. We averaged 13 and maxed 15. Nothing special, but not bad for a Tuesday. 


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Soldiers of the Month!


Hey ACP,

I’d like to reward some soldiers in ACP for doing an excellent job in making events, being loyal, and positive. They really look to me like they can be the future of ACP. I’d like to reward Soldier of the Month to these soldiers, since they are very nice, and good people. Each of them will get 3 medals for earning Soldier of the Month. I’d like to give these awards to.

Awarded to:

  • Tape4444
  • Menchies258
  • Crazytran
  • Ninjakai
  • Katerina Qt
  • Abby401
  • Gagili
  • Peter9977
  • Penguina0322
  • Agentgreen95

These 10 people are a very great example of a great ACP soldier. I am very proud of them, and for what they do in ACP. 3 medals are awarded to them. Thank you for serving ACP guys, I hope you continue to have a great career in ACP. 😀

-Bigmail ACP 2ic

UK Tactic/recruiting session RESULTS!

Hey ACP, Purp here! Today at 8pm UK, we had a recruiting/tactic session on Zipline which was surprisingly 2 bars. It went out quite great with sizes of 15-20 on CP and averaging 15-18. Me and Albaro lead this event. Good job to everyone, 3 medals if you came! Read more for my pics.

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