PB against IW and SWAT Results

Greetings ACP,

Today, ACP battled IW and SWAT in a practice battle. We fought well, and in the end. We tied with IW and SWAT came 3rd. We maxed 20 and averaged around 15, we should be aiming for 30+ on weekends. So remember to attend events, and especially try to make the one tomorrow against the Golds in the CPAC tournament.

Now onto the pictures!

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[Gendarmerie PB] ACP vs PR Practice Battle



Greetings ACP!

Today the Gendarmerie logged into Avalanche for a PB against PR. The PR didn’t login, and we were able to max 16 and average 15. Three medals for those who came, remember to comment if you came! Here are the results:



time avalacneh



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