CPAC Spring Showdown Semi Finals VS Golds RESULTS

Hey ACP! Purp here.

Today at 8pm UK, we (the weekend force) fought against Golds yet again for the CPAC Showdown semi finals. Aaand we won.

Many astonishing tactics and formations were executed with sizes of 25+, maxing around 30-35, and we were quick with the room changing! The event was mainly lead by me, Bigmail, Slippykicky, Lord Albaro and Mikester. Great job everyone – 5 medals if you came! Thanks to your determination and encouragement, we had a sweet sweet victory. I want to see you all like that in every event!

Read more for the epic pictures!

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[Gendarmerie PB] ACP Practice Battle vs IW



 Greetings ACP!

Today the Gendarmerie logged on Klondike for a PB with our closed ally, the IW. It was a good battle, IW was able to max 12 and give us a little challenge. But in the end, we won with the size of 20, averaged 19 and the tactics were great.

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