[Survey Corps Report] UK Training Session Results


Greetings ACP,

Today, ACP Survey Corps had a training session on the server White Out. The event was led by myself and some of the moderators, they did a great job! We maxed 20 and averaged 18 during the event, nice job ACP! Please comment below to earn your 3 medals! Also remember to attend the CPAC Spring Smackdown final on Saturday, it is a HUGE promotion event!

Now onto the pictures!

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[Gendarmerie Report] Tactics Session on Icicle


Greetings ACP soldiers!

The Gendarmerie (Ausia division) logged into Icicle, a two bar server and found a surprise, THINK NOODLES was on there! We had a little fun for the event for the first 20 minutes chasing him, then we got into some action and did absolutely awesome. We maxed 26 (27 including autotyper) and averaged 24 (25 including autotyper). Here are the pics:

Server, in AWST times (JST - 1)

Server, in AWST times (JST – 1)


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