ACP Times Issue #1

Hey ACP,

We are now starting a newspaper in ACP! This is our first trend of the ACP Times.


Thank you Mandogy for making the newspaper!

Also, guess what place were back in on CPAC Top 10? We are First Place!! Wow what great news we have ACP! Thank you for all your efforts you did this week, and I hope we continue this streak of getting 1st place, and thank you for winning the Spring Smackdown!


-Bigmail ACP 2ic

Results of ACP Card Jitsu Tournament!

Hey ACP,


Today we had a blast in the Card Jitsu Tournament. We logged on at 12, and sorted things out. Everyone was excited, and happy, and got pumped up for this tournament. It was epic! There were 5 rounds, and people were getting eliminated till the end. It was Money Guy 6 against Agent Brando. We were excited to find out the results, and the winner is…………. AGENT BRANDO!


Congratulations Agent Brando, you did very great in the tournament! You showed us your fantastic skills in Card Jitsu, and you dominated throughout the whole tournament.


Winner: Agent Brando

2nd place: Money Guy 6

3rd place: Flipfloper14

3rd place: Menchies258

Menchies258 and Flipfloper had to battle to get the top 3rd place, and Flipfloper won. Great job guys!

They all got their prizes, and if you participated, you get 2 medals! Great job, it was epic!

-Bigmail ACP 2ic

Unscheduled Training Session Results

Greetings ACP,

Today, ACP had an unscheduled training session on our capital server, Breeze. It turned out to be a great event! We maxed 20 and averaged around 17. The event was led by Purple, Djkb, Mikester, Bigmail and myself. Also well done ACP for winning the CPAC Spring Smackdown tournament and coming 1st on the latest CPAC top ten!

Now onto the pictures!

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Events for the Week [19-26]

Greetings Army of Club Penguin!

In the previous week we continued our era of domination in victory over first the Light Troops in a scheduled practice battle followed by an amazing victory over the DCP in the CPAC Spring Smackdown. We had an awesome week, but there is never a limit to awesomeness and how much more awesome we can do, so here are the events for the week!

Now for the events for the current week:

Saturday, 24th of May

[AUSIA] Practice Battle Against RPF

Server: TBA

Times: 9:00 pm JST // 5:30 pm IST (India) // 1:00 pm BST (UK) // 8:00 am EST // 7:00 am CST // 6:00 am MST // 5:00 am PST //

[UK+USA] Practice Battle With RPF

Server: Tuxedo

Times: 8pm UK // 3pm EST // 2pm CST // 1pm MST // 12pm PST


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