[Garrison Results] US Training Results


Greetings, ACP!

Today, the ACP Garrison Division had a training session on Breeze, which was a 1 bar at the time. The event was led by Albaro, Mike and Bigmail.  We maxed 16. We started off decently and were raided by a small number of Nachos at the last 10 minutes, but we fended them off. Good job today!


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armé av klubb pingvin sammanfattning 28 april – 4 maj & 5 maj – 11 maj #40

Hej, ACP! Lila slime här!

Oh… here goes another one of those double ACP Recap posts. Eh, whatever! Welcome to my ACP Recap! This is ACP Recap #40 – Back from beating. Heheh, don’t mean to confuse you there with the title and my tiny introduction that’s above this paragraph. As you can see, it’s in a different language and the language I used for this post is Swedish. Wow, I’m surely obsessed with languages. Anyway, let’s get ready to rumble. Just click read more. C’mon. Fine, I might as well make it up to you…

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