Survey Corps U-Lead Results


Made by Djkb1.

Hey, ACP,  today we logged on to a U-Lead session with decent sizes. We maxed about 14 and averaged 13. Our tactics were on point, however making the U-Lead exceptional. This event was lead by Bjkb1 and some other ACP troops. One thing I may say however is that our mods are afk before the event. Hopefully we can fix this next event. Now on to the pictures!



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[Garrison Results] Recruiting on Zipline

Greetings, ACP!

Today, the ACP Garrison Division had a recruiting session on Zipline, which was a 5 bar at the time. The event was led by Bigmail and myself.  We maxed 20. We started off slowly but by the time the event was really going we had 15+ sizes and were soon maxing 20. Good job today ACP. Be sure to come to the Practice Battle with Dark Warriors tomorrow!


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If your name is currently NOT on the ranks then please comment on this post.

This means you have not commented on the active count and have been proven that you are inactive in ACP. But if you know you are not and you are not on the ranks then that is absolutely fine. Just comment the answers of these questions!

1) What was your name on the ranks?

2) What rank were you?

3) Why did you not comment on the active count?

We’ll need a reasonable excuse, please!


Survey Corps Recruiting Session Results


Hey ACP, Purp here!
Yesterday on the 21st of May, we had a fantastic Recruiting session with a great turnout. We had awesome sizes on CP: we started out having 15-20 then it rose to about 20-25+, maxing 30.  We also performed many excellent tactics! Read more for the pics.

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Club Penguin Future Party May 2014 Cheats

LBX Club Penguin Cheats and More!

What’s new, everyone?  After a not-so-exciting month of May, the Club Penguin team has finally released the Future Party.  The party centers around an oncoming battle with an old villain, Protobot.  There is word that Gary will be roaming around in the futuristic world to help fight off all the evil bots!



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[Gendarmerie Report] Tactics Session on White Out


Greetings ACP!

This afternoon the ACP Ausia division logged into White Out [2 bar server] for an average tactics session. We were able to max 18 and average 16, with awesome tactics! The event was led by Dw and myself. We had the event in future CP, the normal town and the berg. Here are the results:


The paint glitched out, and this happened. I guarantee this was at 7:46PM JST (3 minutes prior to logging in)

max 18 in the pic.

max 18 in the pic.

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