byddin o pengwin clwb ailadrodd #41 – 17-23 Mai

Helo, llysnafedd4 porffor yma!

Welcome to my ACP recap! Today’s language I used was, no, not random spam – Welsh.

Yesss. Huzzah. Booyah. You know what? Today’s ACP Recap’s ONE YEAR anniversary (part 1). Currently we are in the week that I recapped on my first ACP recap post that was posted on the 27th of May 2013 (which summarised the 19th-26th of May). Can’t believe we made it a year. Yeah, yeah.. it IS the 41st ACP recap post, it could have been the 52nd one but you know I have holidays and laziness and stuff. Bad, bad, lazy slime.

It’s ACP Recap #41 – One year already?!?

Anyways, I had to change my days again for CPAC. Yeah.

Enjoy the recap! Oh and..

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