ACP Memorial Day Tactic Session RESULTS


Hey ACP, Purp here againnn!

Today at 8pm UK, the UK force and the USA force joined together for an awesome tactic session. It was fantastic, we had sizes of 25-30+: maxing 32 and averaging 27 throughout the whole event. We also performed many brilliant tactics, formations and bombs! 4 medals if you came. Read more for the pics!

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Honoring our Allegiance [WAR POST]

The Army of Club Penguin herein enunciates that we will fight alongside our allies to honor and preserve the indigenous allegiance between us. The ACP will serve our duties as an ally of the Doritos, Global Defenders, and Nachos of Club Penguin, and with our other joint forces we will defend freedom and preserve justice.

  1. The Army of Club Penguin will NOT invade any servers unless required to do so. The ACP will serve as a reclamation force that will reinvade or cleanse any servers that our allies lose to the opposing army. Rephrased–there’s no way that our allies will lose this war.
  2. The Global Defenders, Nachos of Club Penguin, Redemption Force, Royale Penguins, Smart Penguins, and Army of Club Penguin will join forces against the Light Troops. RP, SP, and ACP will first start off by invading/cleansing any servers that the Light Troops and SWAT claim to own that are ACP‘s territory. ACP will be cleansing/invading  Mammoth, Avalanche, and Outback. RP will be cleansing/invading Caribou, Snow Globe, Crunch, Half Pipe, Ice Berg. SP will be invading/cleansing Sherbet, Tea, Yeti, Ice Box, and Misty. (RP/SP INVASIONS ARE POSTED ON THEIR SITE)
  3. We will be aiding the Doritos in their war against the Dark Warriors. We will not invade any of DW‘s servers, but we will be reinvading any servers DCP loses to DW with our AUSIA Division. The Rebel Penguin Federation will resume their war against the Dark Warriors after their ceasefire expires on June 1st–which will pressure the Dark Warriors into a surrender.
  4. The Golds are a potential ally and we believe that they would be great as allies of the ACP, but due to SWAT falsely claiming ACP servers as their own, the Golds claim to own a majority of our servers. Those servers are: Sherbet, Slippers, Ice Bound, Fog, Yeti, Parka, Walrus, Wool Socks, Snow Bound, Fiesta, Matterhorn, Misty, and Cold Front. We ask for the Golds to drop the claims of these servers and to transfer them back to the ACP nation. If this is done, we will transfer 2 undisputed servers and will form an alliance to ensure your safety in the future to express our gratitude.
  5. The Ice Warriors have agreed to deploy their forces if requested from the ACP, but as of now we would like to keep IW out for as long as possible unless they wish to join the war. We thank them for sticking with us.

Provisional Law No. 1

All SWAT, LT, and DW troops are hereby banned forever on our chat until the war is officially declared over by the A.C.P.

Provisional Law No. 2

The A.C.P. chat room will be for members only.

Provisional Law No. 3

All A.C.P. troops who are in either DW, SWAT, or LT are required to leave the army  immediately for the duration of the war. Anyone who fails to do so will be considered as a traitor and will result in a ban forever until the war is declared over by both sides.


Signing out,

~The Commandants Intelligence Department of the D.R.A.C.P


No way! LT trying to crush us? I don’t think so.