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[Garrison Result] U-Lead


Greetings, ACP!

Today, the ACP Garrison Division had a U-Lead on Breeze, which was a 1 bar at the time. The event was led by the troops and supervised by Albaro and Bigmail.  We maxed 18. Nice sizes for the night, good job US. Keep it up and be sure to have these sides on war days! Always proud of you guys!


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UK Recruiting Session RESULTS!


Hey ACP, Purp here! Wow, I’m posting way too many posts on this site already.

Anyway, today at 7pm UK we had a Recruiting session. We went on Flurry which was 4 bars and had sizes of 15+ at the town, maxing 19 and averaging 16-17 with good tactics. Then, we went to the pool and did some nice bombs and formations with sizes of 11-14. Good job everyone, 3 medals if you came ! Read more for pics.

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[Gendarmerie Report]Cleansing of Avalanche & Mammoth


Greetings ACP!

Today the Gendarmerie division logged into Avalanche and Mammoth with a huge force, able to max 22 and average 20. The servers were both a one bar. We successfully cleansed the servers off LT and co’s claim. LT showed up at points with only one troop. Here are the results:




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