It’s FINALLY here!

Flipmoo’s Edit: Thanks to 78562cool, we now have a new domain! Thanks a bunch, Cool! 😀

Here are the ACP promotions for May 2014! Congratsies to everyone who got a promotion!

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[Survery Corps Report] Invasion of Ice Rink


Greetings ACP!

Today the Survey Corps logged into Ice Rink for another day of a non-opposing Light Troops. We were able to max 25 and average 22. The event was led by Bigmail, Dj, Slime and myself. Here are the awesome results:


To the future! :D

To the future! 😀

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The Retirement Of Slider568

This is the end ACP. The real end. All my good friends are long gone and I continue to find myself wishing for the older ACP to come back. Most of the new people dislike me and its not worth staying in ACP when the leadership doesn’t really want me here I think I should go. I’ve overstayed my welcome and its time for me to move on.

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The Retirement of Noka 8

 Well it is final I am retiring for good this time. No matter what happens I will not come back. My reasons for retiring are as follows:

1. Flipmoo and along with the rest of the leadership doesn’t want me as leader due to failed policies of the past no matter how hard I try I will never get promoted so there is no point in staying around you know
2. Following in for the 1st reason there is no point in being stuck at 4ic all I am doing is taking up a spot for someone that deserves it more you know what I am saying ACP?
3. I am going to be 18 in September it is time to retire due to age
4. I hardly know anyone anymore all these new people coming and going.

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