It’s FINALLY here!

Flipmoo’s Edit: Thanks to 78562cool, we now have a new domain! Thanks a bunch, Cool! 😀

Here are the ACP promotions for May 2014! Congratsies to everyone who got a promotion!

Bold: Promoted

Italic: Demoted

Underline: Graduated from ACPTR


Blue = UK/EURRed= USA/CA, Green = AUS/Asia

Commander in Chief 

Flipmoo, Purple Slime4

 Field Marshal 

Mrtchy, Bigmail


Mikester, Slippykicky, Albaro Lord, Dw2608, Djkb1 [Current temp]

Lieutenant General

Ahmed 7569, Lionzlover,  Smsm3, Sonic, Steamiux

Major General

Bam117, Fluffyboy3, Lord Allen, Rogerdodger1, Snaketeja

Brigadier General

Aeropos, Chainpro, Kieranfb, King Mondo, Nnpingwin


Gar101,  Interwebdude, Neonrainbow, Turborobo999

Lieutenant Colonel

Amax1, Bunny boy19, Kenz112,Rix05,


Agent Brando, Anna Mcg [Frozen], Change,  Grayrocket, Lenco, Mel77114, Money Guy6, Myma001, Nuclearpower,  Popcorny5555,  Reddavis1998,  Toughguy52, Whats Up11,Wicked Wickz, 


1goblinguy, Blek, Carson4,  Cheedu1, CpMaster10123, David1165, Katerina Qt, MidnightwaveNikunj67, Menchies258, Tape4444, Smarty90000, ZacFoxx27

 First Lieutenant 

 Abby401 Andy21441,  Ben 92763, Bobcatboy20, Bryanbo Cancel84Flipfloper14, Gagili, Jodominick, Paperd, Penguin52374, Sing as King, Vivek, Yeasy

 Second Lieutenant 

 Brigade3, Chester747, Electric4555,  Jonty99, MitchellCanadian,Penguina0322Rockor King, Willaur, Wweman236

 Sergeant Major 

Ars123, Cubbytcub, EvilGods, Gtfive, Keynikki, Koloway, Mighty0105, Miyls,

 Warrant Officer 

Bandage23,Falcon1101, Jackbeard, Jdwwjd, Midnight677, Peter9977, The Tiger1Oregan619

 Staff Sergeant 

Agentgreen95, Chris294, Egbert3487,  Joanisaprincess, Jordanm2004Kowalski8668, Wobble1586


CamarisCrazytran, GhostBoy45Kenneth1000, Megatron4567Rocketman22, Telivisionhead,  Xgamer1999, Yellow1908 



 Lance Corporal 

Dancer358, Emileypengui. Muimuipui, Neonxz, Shisuka5

 Private First Class 

Arquemacho, Cutebunny8d, Nick56701, Pretty 103, Randomness9


Alec99900, Chillystar9, Midori365, Peach26943, Yoshigriffin

 Creator: Oagalthorp

Constables: Boomer 20, Shaboomboom


 Wasn’t satisfied with your results for this month? Don’t worry! Comment the answers of these questions on this post:

1) What’s your name on the ranks?

2) How many medals do you have?

3) Why do you think you should be promoted?



19 Responses

  1. insert comment here

  2. First

  3. 3rd 🙂

  4. Well done. Tres bien!

  5. I’ve attended every single US event and about 90% of the UK events, I recruit every day all this month and I only got moved up one spot. Not to be rude but I feel like I need to be promoted up more there are also other mods who put in a lot of hard work as well as me that I would like to point out and some mods of a higher rank who attend about 15% of the events this month but got promoted or stayed their rank.

  6. laptop got blue screened (died) a few weeks ago got it back a week ago then went to cornwall for a week so thats why i havent been on

  7. YAY I GOT MOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you flip!

  8. Great I got 4 times up promotion. Im now First Lieutenant. Ill work hard to get mod next month. That will be great birthday present. Cuz my birthday is in one month. Anyway congratulations to everyone who got promoted.

  9. I am here to complain, not about my rank, but my sister’s, Katerina’s rank.
    1. She’s active and goes on chat whenever possible.
    2. She patrols nearly every day.
    3. She helps out troops.
    There are many more reasons to promote her, but these are the main reasons. Me, I think she deserves mod. Btw, she has 60+ medals. I think she deserves at least major.

    • Huh I don’t see you being that determined to attend an event. You go out of your way to sneak-use moms phone to say this, and yet are too lazy to attend events. In my opinion, cp armies are about fun not ranks. Since I joined acp, times passed more quickly. I had something to look forward to after school. That was why I didn’t leave acp.

  10. 1) What’s your name on the ranks? Djkb1
    2) How many medals do you have? guess…guess…guess…please guess.
    3) Why do you think you should be promoted? I am cool.

  11. Thanks for the promo! 🙂

  12. Yay! Thanks for promoting me up 4 ranks! 🙂

  13. 1) What’s your name on the ranks? Kenz112
    2) How many medals do you have? I thought mods don’t need medals? But I think I’ve around 15.
    3) Why do you think you should be promoted? Srsly, I’ve been trying my best to attend every single event and I haven’t got a single promotion for 2 months. 2 MONTHS.

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