The Retirement of Noka 8

 Well it is final I am retiring for good this time. No matter what happens I will not come back. My reasons for retiring are as follows:

1. Flipmoo and along with the rest of the leadership doesn’t want me as leader due to failed policies of the past no matter how hard I try I will never get promoted so there is no point in staying around you know
2. Following in for the 1st reason there is no point in being stuck at 4ic all I am doing is taking up a spot for someone that deserves it more you know what I am saying ACP?
3. I am going to be 18 in September it is time to retire due to age
4. I hardly know anyone anymore all these new people coming and going.

Now for my career summary- I joined on ACP on February 23rd 2008 I started off as the rank as Sergeant and moved up over time to mod rank then in may of 2010 I became 3ic and became a 2ic a year later. Maybe if I did not retire I could have gotten leader but I left anyways maybe there was a chance maybe there wasn’t. I rejoined ACP because ACP had been following hard and they needed every abled person. I helped lead the U.S division in the darkest of times when ACP hit an all time low of only maxing 3 ACP soldiers at a U.S event. As ACP started to grow I was no longer needed and got pushed out due to being here for many years and due to my age.

In my 6 Years as an ACP soldiers I have severed under some of the best leaders that I worked for and I have severed under some of the worst ACP leaders. I have seen ACP nearly get destroyed with my own two eyes to ACP reaching over 100+ on Club Penguin I have witnessed many scandals in the leadership it self. However despite all the good and the bad one thing remains the same. ACP is the best army ever. Every soldier that has been in ACP has helped make ACP what it is today either if its good or bad every soldier of all ranks plays an important in how ACP is and helps decide its future.
Over the years I have made many friends and also many enemies. I am going to admit I am not afraid to admit my opinion on politics and ACP leaders and soldiers. That however has led to me sometimes pissing off the entire chat room. I am a far right person when it comes to topics like this and I want to say I am sorry to anyone that I have made mad with my views and opinions on certain things. I am very sorry.
Flipmoo you finally got my wish of wanting me to retire.
For purple slime and the rest of the ACP please continue to make it good and maybe even make it even better and lead it into a new golden age! I would say thank you to people but I have so many people to think and most of them no longer come here so I will not waste time on them
With that being said Thank you for having me for 6+ years ACP! my retirement song

17 Responses

  1. Goodbye Noka. You will be missed

  2. Never expected to see such a loyal soldier leaving suddenly. I’m sorry about your long placement without moving, you’ll be remembered as probably the most loyal troop an army could ever have.

  3. Bye Noka, I will miss you man.

  4. takin your pills for the last time

  5. The only retirement of a high ranking troop in ACP I won’t be glad about. Bye Noka. 😦

  6. Bai Noka, never really knew you and never really talked to you. I hope u have a great time in the real world.

  7. Goodbye Noka. You were honestly the best troop ACP ever had! Sad to see u go for good

  8. Goodbye man. i will never forget you.

  9. Noka your loyalty to ACP has far exceeded that of any other soldier in the army’s history. The career you put together is in itself remarkable and inspiring even though you may not have achieved leader. If I am correct, you have served under every single leader to ever lead ACP starting all the way back with Oagalthorp in early 2008. Congrats on all your achievements, and best wishes for the future.

  10. Bye Noka! It’s a bad luck that you have left. 😦 Please come on chat every time. I know that you don’t me. But as an ACP soldier, we must pay respects to a great troop who has been loyal for 6 years.

  11. Goodbye Noka. You’ve probably been one of my best friends in ACP and inspired me to keep going. I’ve decided it’s best to retire too. Once you went I was sure it was time for me to go. 😆


  13. Bye Noka! You were a cool bro and i wont forget you. Have an amazing life.

    [its a celebrationnn]
    CELEBRATE GOOD TIMES COME ON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Sang by Mondo

  14. bye noka

  15. Wow Noka, sad to see to finally leaving. Hope you will still stay on chat.
    Congrats on the MoH.

  16. What a historic day today in CP Armies and ACP. Way to go Noka! You deserve the MoH! Remember, we will miss you much! Great job!

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