The Retirement Of Slider568

This is the end ACP. The real end. All my good friends are long gone and I continue to find myself wishing for the older ACP to come back. Most of the new people dislike me and its not worth staying in ACP when the leadership doesn’t really want me here I think I should go. I’ve overstayed my welcome and its time for me to move on.

ACP isn’t all the fun for me anymore, I’m nearly 16, and I have other important things other than a CP army. The way I see it I’m just an old ACP soldier who’s living on the coattails of his past. Once I did have power in ACP and I enjoyed it. I didn’t want ACP to change rather I wanted it to stay the way I liked it and it did for quite a while until, well more recently I suppose. I don’t approve of divisions like ACP does. Before no one was promoted because of where they came from, they were promoted because they deserved it.

Before there wasn’t more than one event a day on a weekday and it was rarely after 8pm for people. Everything was simpler and made more sense. Its true I don’t like was ACP is today and what CP armies are like today. Everyday on CPAC I see new posts about multi logging, its another army, and they call it a scandal. They have no real proof and their argument is an army had one extra penguin. One extra penguin? Who the hell cares. When Noka left and now most of my friends have gone too I’m wondering if its my time to as well and the answer is yes.

So I guess now time for my story.

In a late crisp November morning in 2009 a penguin was waddling around. In reality I just started middle school. That December he had seen ACP on their usual rounds battling some other army although I didn’t know what ACP was yet. Then I took a look on the website and decided to join. I was active but I didn’t really like chat it was too new to me and I’d rather just play CP at that time. So time went on and by early March I decided to get more active in ACP until that summer when I quit.

So then came September 2010. I decided to rejoin and start going on chat and a goal of ACP leader fueled me. I joined ACPTR and saw it as a place I not only wanted to graduate from but be an instructor in. I quickly became friends with Skloop who taught me the ropes outside of ACPTR and we clicked. By November I was a Major General and I became and ACPTR Instructor and by January I was a Co-leader and Skloop retired. After that Jack wasn’t very active and I took over in ACPTR still being a Co-Leader.

I enjoyed being up at night making posts and doing the join page and later I was promoted to ACPTR leader and moved from 5ic to 4ic and in April I was very surprised to hear that I was to be made 3ic. I was promoted to 2ic after Bobcatboy left but I knew I wasn’t ready to be next in line for leader rank wise so I have my spot to Johnny who once he retired I’d become 2ic for good. I felt more confident than before and July came faster than anyone could’ve expected and we as a leadership or at least most of us retired.

Since then I’ve been in and out of being in ACP, I was 3ic again when Cas was leader, and I’ve been leading ACPTR before and after my retirement. I’ll still lead ACPTR until I feel like I can leave it and when I leave it I’m done. I’ll take a head supervisor kind of role and leave ACPTR to the new ACP.

I’d like to say it was a good ride but it hasn’t been. When I retired in July I feel if maybe I should’ve stayed retired and left with better memories than this. So onto my thank you’s which most of you probably won’t know anymore I thank.

Drigo: I still remember you bud :lol: By the way, Bunker still hates you.

Ktman: I doubt you’re still around to read this, but you were a great friend and even though I’m not big on Pokemon anymore I still enjoyed talking to you about it.

Supperz: Mai Elite bish.

Happyman: You were nice to me when everyone else shunned me for being such a noob when I first became a mod thank you.

Japan: Cafe?

Tanman: You’re my favorite Nacho leader by far.

Stew: We wrote a pretty good story and I enjoyed playing minecraft with you, if you ever want to play it again find me.

Pochoma: Thanks for everything bro, the graphics and all.

Capncook: Being in the ACP leadership is a stressful job, and it was great I could talk to you and had someone else’s opinion who wasn’t afraid to tell me the truth without being a jerk about it either. But to be honest it doesn’t look like our news site is going to take off, but it was a good dream amiright?

Maz: You were a great friend to me. Its fun being hated sometimes lol.

Iasage: You were one of my favorite leaders and I think you still deserve to be up here.

Boomer20: I guess without you ACP wouldn’t be here today.

Declan: I needed someone in ACPTR who I could trust and that person was you. You’ve always been there for me and thats something.

Ladtom: I doubt you’ll ever see this but thanks for everything, and thanks for giving me my chance to be a reporter it was really fun.

Jooeric: I doubt you’re even around anymore to read this but you were one of my first friends in the army community ever, we were both members but we both never thought I’d make it this far did we? I hope life is treating you well bud.

Fido: I still remember when we used to battle on Mammoth, ACP, SWAT, and the odd Nacho. :lol:

Klug: You were the wisest person I’ve ever know here and you were one of the few people who could understand that this is just a game and that it’s meant to be fun.

Clintos: You’re a great friend, a great leader, and I enjoyed working with you in Alpha good luck in life bud.

Stew20: You’ll probably never read this and we’ll probably never meet again but I enjoyed our friendship immensely and I hope life is going well.

Fiasco: I can remember clear as day when I first joined ACP you were an ass to me but you’re my first ass here in armies and that means something. xD

Chain: This won’t be goodbye yet but we’re close to it. I’m happy to continue to work in ACPTR with you if its only a short time longer I’ll be leading

Gar: Thanks for being a good friend man.

Cas: Pull around the rolls we’re going btch hunting!

Noka: Thanks for being a great friend and all. Good luck in life.

After looking at the legends page and taking one last glimpse I suppose it is really something to be there. It was my dream to be up there when I joined ACP and I think I’ve done all I can and all I will in ACP. All those friends are gone when I look at it now but at least I’m up there with my two best friends Skloop and Smartuin.

Skloop: I didn’t quite make it to leader but I had one hell of a ride. Thanks for all you’ve done for me. You were my best friend that I’ve ever had from CP armies. You helped me out a lot when I first joined and when I was down you were there to convince me it was a good idea to stay. You probably won’t read this and you probably don’t remember me all that much anymore but thanks for everything.

Well its time for me to go. I’ve done my best to write this post up quick enough so I can retire and move on. I hope it isn’t too bad xD Well the ship to retirement island is leaving and its best if I get on board. Back to my villa for me I guess.

For the last time, Slider568 Retired ACP 2ic *COUGH* LEADER , Former ACPTR Leader, Medal of Training recipient, BMA recipient, and most importantly ACP soldier. 



8 Responses

  1. Wow! Noka, then Slider! Wuh oh. Slider – you will be missed. You are one of the first people I remembered seeing when I first came on ACP chat… seriously! I remember all that blue name glow and american smilies in your name. LOL. You will be a significant figure in the history of ACPTR and ACP and I wish ya luck!

    • I’d appreciate it if you’d sickey my post for a day or two because its way down on the site right now, and thanks.

  2. Bye Slider! You made me ACPTR staff, you kept a belief on me that I would be a good staff, but I wasn’t. Sorry about that, Slider. 😦 I will miss you. 😥

  3. See you, Slider

  4. Slider, you were a great friend to me and you always made me laugh with the whip stuff. I’m going to miss you. If you thought that I don’t like you then you are wrong. I really looked up to you. Bye Slider. ACP will remember you forever.


    P.S. Thx for making me an A+ graduate on ACPTR. I hope to become a leader like you.

  5. Bye Slider, I enjoyed the Mountain Warrior Days!

  6. I’m surprised I forgot to comment here. Sorry if the ACP has caused you trouble in the end. I may have hated you for a while or you may have hated me for a while, but we were always close friends. Good luck with the rest of your life!

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