DW Tension/War Has Ended

Greeting ACP

Today marks the start of a great alliance with the Dark Warriors.  Vo yo, DW Leader, kiked Flipmoo and I saying he wished to end the war and become allies.  We accepted.  The treaty that we have with DW still stands.  DW agrees to give back the Servers Mammoth, Snow Fort, and Breeze.  Vo yo claims that ACP is not their prime target any more.  I am eager to see what good ACP and DW can bring to CP armies.  Now for the pictures.

photo 1

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Events of the Week (June 30-July 6)

Hello ACP,

We’ve taken quite a fall over the last week due to the absence of large numbers of owners, but this week is the opportunity for us to rebound back. Let’s recover that #1 position on the top ten! Without further ado, here are this week’s events…

USA and UK owners, please add in your events.

 Comment if you can make them! 


Saturday, July 5th 2014.

[AUSIA] Recruiting Session

Server: TBA

Times: 8:00 pm JST // 4:30 pm IST (India) // 12:00 pm (Noon) BST (UK) // 7:00 am EST // 6:00 am CST // 5:00 am MST // 4:00 am PST // 

[UK/AUSIA] Training Session

Server: Mammoth

Times: 3:30pm UK // 10:30am EST // 9:30am CST // 8:30am MST // 7:30am PST // 11:30pm JST // 8pm


[UK] Tactic Session

Server: TBA

Times: 8:30pm UK // 3:30pm EST // 2:30pm CST // 1:30pm MST // 12:30pm PST

[USA] Recruiting Session 

Server: TBA

Times:  11pm UK // 6pm EST // 5pm CST // 4pm MST // 3pm PST

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[Survey Corps + Garrison Results] CPAC Conquest Games

         Hey ACP, today we logged on to Klondike to have a nice battle with a bunch of armies. I must say, the event went well. We managed to get a tie for 2nd place with DW and I loved our smart team work. We also split half of our army up to get two major rooms and it ended in a success. We maxed 25 and averaged 20. Tactics were great and our size improved. This event was led by me Purpleslime, and Djkb. Good job ACP, 10 Medals for attending. Congrats to all of the Temps!


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ACPTR – Now Open || July 2014

Hello ACP!

Are you new to ACP and need a little boost in the ranks? ACPTR is ACP Training Regiment lead by a group of skilled instructors who will teach you everything you need to know in ACPTR and all you need to do is join, be active, and listen to the instructors. Your progress will be tracked by the amount of classes you attend posted on the ACPTR site and kept track of on the cadets page by the amount of credits you earn.

If you’re between the ranks of Private-Warrant Officer you can join ACPTR at http://armyofcptrainingregiment.wordpress.com/join-acptr-now-1/ we recommend you check the site daily 2 – 3 times and bookmark it too.

As a cadet you’ll need to attend classes held at ACPTR’s chat which occur mostly every day starting July 1st. In other news Columbia and Brazil won today and will face each other later on and tomorrow Netherlands face Mexico and Greece face Costa Rica.


Survey Corps CPAC Conquest Games Dry Run RESULTS


Hey ACP, Purp here! Today at 7:30pm UK to 8:15pm UK, we fought in the CPAC Conquest games practice battle. We went on Outback which was 2 bars and fought many other major armies so we can practice and train for the ACTUAL Conquest games which is tomorrow. It went out pretty fine, despite PR’s likely appearance which caused many soldiers to be locked & lagged out. We averaged 16-24 the whole time with great tactics. Good job everyone, 5 medals if you came!  

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Step it up. [IMPORTANT]

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[Survey Corps Report]PB with LT results


Hey ACP, today we logged on to Ice Box to have a nice Practice battle with the Light Troops. I must say, the event went well. We maxed 21 and averaged 18. Remember to attend the Conquest Games posted by Slime. This event was led by me and the owners. Thanks to Ahmed for the pics.


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ACPTR Now Hiring Instructors!

ACP Training Regiment

Hello Troops I am Aeropos, ACPTR’s new leader.


I have always wanted to lead ACPTR and here I am! But that’s not what I am here to talk about, so let me cut to the chase ;).


Have you ever wanted to teach actual ACP Troops and show them the way of ACP? Well now you can! We, ACPTR, are in need of new, active, and determined Instructors for ACPTR. If you think you got what it takes to post classes and teach troops daily then why not Apply?

If you want to apply you have to:

  •  Be in ACP and have a ACP rank of Captain or higher.

  •  Have Basic/Advanced knowledge of ACP and how everything works.

  •  Of course be active.

That is basically all you need. To apply you have to fill out this form below and answer all questions.


What is your Name on the Ranks?

What is your Rank?

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[Gendarmerie Results] Training/U-lead Session (Again!!!)-Retirement of Krate

Greetings ACP,

Today, the Gendarmerie logged on Slushy, a 2 bars server at the time, for a training/ u-lead session (again, this is like deja vu, lol). We maxed 15, and averaged 13 most of the time. Good job to anyone who came! Read more for the pics.

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Regarding DW’s Declaration of War

Hello ACP,

The leadership of the Dark Warriors recently announced their declaration of war on us, with invasions scheduled starting this weekend. However, the Army of CP hereby announces that all invasions from the Dark Warriors are void and invalid, due to a treaty made between leaders of the two armies which states that both armies must refrain from acts of aggression against each other until October 1st, 2014. 

The declaration of war on June 26th, 2014 is clearly breaking the treaty which allows either army to void any invasion until the pact expires. It is also stated that this treaty will be valid regardless of who is leading either army; therefore, despite the change of ownerships in the DW army, this treaty is still effective and can be enforced.

No matter what the DW says, unless both parties agree to rewrite this treaty, it still remains in force. At a time where ACP is still unstable due to so many owners on leave, we will not agree yet to a war. Yes, the ACP realizes that we must not allow summer to stagnate, but now is not the time.

Regarding DWs justifications for their declaration of war: some DW leaders have claimed their justification for war is that they wanted a fun war to boost up summer sizes. This point is valid. However, if a fun war is really all they wanted, their declaration of war has also been tasteless, tactless and extremely undiplomatic and makes us question their ownership’s true motives. ?

  • The DW claims that the ACP has been ‘terrorizing’ the community and that we have always been ‘using’ armies. These are words that should not be used lightly without consideration, yet they have been unable to back this up with any substantial proof. This is just blatant propaganda. 
  • The post contains multiple screenshots of what they feel are examples of ACP misbehavior. It must be noted that the screenshots are mostly of people on ACP chat but not actually on ACP, and some screenshots are years old. This is not justification.
  • DW leader Drake has claimed that “If there are no consequential blockades preventing one from doing such a feat, then the treaty is pretty much rendered useless.” What he does not realize is that in a game where invasions are only recognized based on their validity and has no physical consequence, treaties are binding.

DW: contact us again once all our owners, or at least our main leader, is back if you would like a war to boost activity. And refrain from bellicose rhetoric, for if a fun war is truly all you want, then the extremely propagandistic language that you have been using makes us question your true motives. We hope to see you on the battlefield as soon as we agree to revoke the treaty, or as soon as the treaty expires.

Thank you.


Temporary ACP Third in Command