>>>>LEGENDS CUP TODAY 3:30pm EST<<<<<

Saturday 2nd August


>>>MUST COME!!!<<<

 [UK + US] Legends Cup Battle Against PR

Server: Klondike

Times: 8:30pm UK // 3:30pm EST // 2:30pm CST // 1:30pm MST // 12:30pm PST

>>>MUST COME!!!<<<


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Roberto LT leader; Multilogger?

Edit: If ANYONE from the Light Troops have an explination for who this mysterious person is, PLEASE tell us in the comments so we don’t have to declare victory in the invasion of Sleet as well to make it 3-0.

Greetings ACP, In the last war we had with the Light Troops, they multilogged in the very first event, and in today’s first battle they came to,  LT’s own leader in fact multilogs. Roberto linked this pic on nacho chat before our battle on sleet was over.

He claims he got it from a different troop, but what troop would pc him a pic of their army not even doing tactics, especially one that isn’t even listed on the ranks, commented on the join page, or who was even on the chat?

As you can see Rob linked a picture that was from a different penguin other than his own.

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[AUSIA] Invasions of Sleet Results

Greetings ACP,

This morning we had our Invasion of Sleet from the Light Troops and we did amazing! We maxed 30 and averaged 28. Great job ACP! A victor has been disputed, but we all know who the real winner is. 😉

Not so bright now, huh LT? 😉 Teach your members some grammar next time. 😛

~Mrtchy, ACP Leader

Army of CP Promotions July 2014

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[AUSIA] Invasion of Cream Soda

 Greetings ACP!

Ausia are having a busy today with a total of 3 scheduled invasions! So far we have made the war score 2-0 to us ofcourse! We have had a good start now just need to maintain this honorable score! We were up against LT who were again, a no show. The server was safe chat, so we had some fun with the words safe chat allows us to use! 😀 We were able to average 24 on CP and successfully invaded Cream Soda, good job ACP, four medals if you attended! Here are the results:


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IT’S ABOUT FREAKIN’ TIME. [New Owners & Moderators]

After millions, billions, trillions, maybe even quadrillions of years, we finally have decided to promote the new OWNERS and the new 2ICs for THE ACP! Guilt-free, bias-free, argument-free: all of us owners have chosen 3 new 3ics – 1 UK, and 2 USA! Me and Mrtchy also picked the new 2ics. Woo-frickin-hoo! So.. read more, c’mon. Get popcorn, I recommend toffee flavoured. Continue reading

[AUSIA] Invasion of Crunch

Greetings ACP!

Today we invaded Crunch successfully from the LT Nation. It was an easy victory, the Light Troops not showing and all, nonetheless a sweet victory :D! We were able to get 14 on CP, and explored the Town and Plaza scouting for our enemies. This is the first strike on LT’s nation, and sure won’t be the last! This makes the war score 1-0. 4 medals if you attended the event! Here are the results:



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