Club Penguin Turbo Race 3000 Party August 2014 Cheats

LBX Club Penguin Cheats and More!

What’s new, everyone?  Since the Frozen party is far away, the Club Penguin team has released a special mini-party while we wait.  It’s the Turbo Race 3000; something Gary has been working on for quite a while.

If you check your spy phone messages, you’ll see that Gary announces his new invention at the Forts (but really, go to the Stadium).


This is what the Stadium now looks like:


The music at the Stadium has now changed to some intense racing music.  You can grab the items on the right at any time, but you might as well race your friends a bit first.  To completely finish a race correctly, you must go around in three laps.


A Go-Karter Helmet and a Go-Karter Jacket are the free items given out at this party.  Only the Go-Karter Helmet is literally free, while you need a membership to complete the outfit…

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AUSIA Invasion Of Hockey [RESULTS!]

War score: ACP: 4|| LT: 2

Today our mighty AUSIA Force logged on Hockey, a 1-bar and “battled” LT. Sadly LT were scared of our AUSIA force, they probably thought they would lose. Thanks Purpleslime for the pictures. We averaged 20! Splashy, Purpleslime, Mrtchy and I led this invasion. Well done, another server has been added to the D.R.A.C.P.! 4 medals if you came.

UK Invasion Of Thermal [2-1-1]

Today we logged on thermal. In the beginning you could see LT was the clear winner, but after the battle started going over the 30 minute mark, we caught up! This battle was disputed. Also a reminder for the Legends cup battle, mak sure you come. We lost all the pictures for this invaison so if you have some, comment them please and thank you.