Legends Cup Victory against PR

Greetings ACP, today we defeated the Purple Republic in our Legends Cup battle, and we are moving on to face the Ice Warriors in the next round. We averaged sizes of 35. In the battle room there was 25 troops and 10 troops were unfortunately locked out. It was a great event, specializing in tactics to seal the victory over our Purple drilling friends. 5 medals if you came

(Pictures to be added)


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Introducing FLUFFYBOY3!/// Leadership assesments

Hai ACP! I am Fluffyboy3, a new US 3ic. Last year I became 3ic but later stepped down, I feel like I have unfinished buisness in ACP and I want us to grow. anyways enought aboot me and now onto the Leadership assesments.
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[AUSIA] Invasion Of Sardine and Caribou

Today we logged on Sardine and Caribou to invade them from the Light Troops. We averaged 15 for both events. For some reason, LT claimed to have logged on yet we couldn’t see them, we scouted the server and did not find them. We won as LT failed to show up. We claimed the Town and Berg of both servers, sadly, I lost the Berg pictures. 4 medals if you came!

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Invasion of Half Pipe and Patagonia: Successful

Hello ACP, today we had back to back invasions of Half Pipe and Patagonia, and we were met with little opposition on Half Pipe and Patagonia. The first invasion was led by myself, and the 2nd was led by Mrtchy. We averaged 15 with both invasions. Maybe next time LT will put up a fight during AUSIA hours. 4 medals for coming ACP, great job.

Invasion of Half Pipe

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