A Swift, Yet Great Feat

Greetings ACP!

The Light Troops have once again declared war on the ACP expecting to conquer us, but once against we prevail and defeat them, no, annihilate them. We went ultra offensive and suffered no casualties to our Nation, also capturing 16 of LT’s 25 servers, and we’re on 4 days into the war! We have proved them to be inferior to us, yet again.

With Operation: Blitzkrieg upcoming later today, I decided to nullify their 16 invasions over 4 hours (wow sounds fun!!!). The Light Troops have lied and lied, they don’t even follow the common etiquette of Club Penguin war rules, here’s solid proof they (Waterkid specifically) have literal no care for the rules that are commonly known:

not following rules

Excuse the language, but you can’t really talk to Waterkid without him bashing you down with cruel words. 

Back to the chase, we have nullified the Operation Blitzkrieg, and here is how:

Screen shot 2014-08-04 at 8.42.23 PM

With the input of this, their entire operation is hereby, nullified, and we will keep our servers without hassle. This war will end very soon with the ACP, Army of Club Penguin as victors.

Message to Light Troops:

You can, and you should leave LT, your leader is an open troll, a racist, he also abuses people with disabilities, a supporter of hate and repugnance. The ACP will welcome you with open arms.


ACP Commander in Chief

9 Responses

  1. Congratulations on a quick win ACP!

  2. Cool to hear about this.

  3. I find it totally awesome! #GOACP

  4. Awesome

  5. “also abuses people with disabilities” Exaggeration much?

  6. https://acparmyofclubpenguin.files.wordpress.com/2014/08/not-following-rules.png?w=300&h=105

    i remember acp doing this when I led SWAT and having no issues with it

  7. ACP will win this war!

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