ACP Costume Contest (In Club Penguin)

Hey ACP! Ahmed here again! I decided to have a costume contest, for fun! I understand that some of you are non-members so I decided that non-members could use non-member items, or contact me for a suggestion. Prizes will be given out. Note that you can wear anything. Link the picture of the costume in a comment. Closing date Saturday August 16th. Comment the link of the picture in order to enter. Any rank can do this from Private to Leader (including retirees if they wish.)

1st Place: 200 xats

2nd Place: 100 xats

3rd Place: 75 xats

4th Place: 5 days

What are you waiting for? Log on and try and wear the best outfit!


Mysterious Penguin appears on CP

Hey! Recently, it has been discovered that some mysterious Penguin appeared on the CP files. It seems like Big Foot with a beta hat. What could it be!? This is giving a clue about what the September Club Penguin party is. Is it a wilderness party? Let’s wait and see! Here is a picture of the penguin I think it is Big Foot. What do YOU think?