[Survey Corps Report] Tactics/Recruiting Session


Hey ACP today the UK division logged onto Arctic which was 2 bars for a tactics/recruiting session. We started off getting sizes of 25 at the recruiting session and changed rooms to the Snow Forts and decided that it was empty so we moved back to the Town for our training. In the Training session, we got sizes of 17. This event was decent but I want you all to come to the next event tomorrow. I expect 25+. To end on a high note here are the pictures! Sadly I only received our early recruitings where we got around 20 and our trainings.  Continue reading

Awesome ACP Fanart!

Hai ACP!, today I got a peice of ACP fanart! check it out 😀

The fanart was made by Trunder, Thanks! :mrgreen:

Fanart by: Moe, Moe is Autistic and he doesn’t like Purple Republic