US Event Times [POLL]

Greetings ACP, with school starting soon, we need to find the time that works with each person’s schedules for US events. I’m looking for the times you can consistently make the events. For US If you can make more than one of the event times listed, choose the time that’s earlier. For UK, I’m just trying to find if ANY of you can make US events, so choose all of the ones you can make. If you have any questions, please PC me on chat, I answer every single pc I get, so don’t be afraid to ask questions.


FOR US ONLY[If you can make more than one time, choose the one that’s earlier in the day]

FOR UK ONLY[Multiple Choice, choose any that you can make regularly]


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[AUSIA] Recruiting on Icicle With A Friend!

Greetings ACP!

Today we had a recruiting session, with a twist! We met an old friend on CP, THINKNOODLES! We had a few awesome tactics then logged off, nice job guys, 2 medals if you came! We were able to get 22 on CP and amazing tactics. Here’s the results:



meet think



Commander in Chief

[TODAY]Quarter Finals Against IW [MUST ATTEND]

All members who come WILL BE PROMOTED! (excluding highest members), 4 members will get TEMP MOD, and 3 mods will get TEMP OWNER!

Saturday, 9th August[TODAY]

Army Of CP vs. Ice Warriors

Klondike, Berg (meet at town)

12:30pm PST//1:30pm MST//2:30pm CST//3:30pm EST//8:30pm UK


Greetings ACP, last week we managed to beat PR to get to the Quarter Finals. This time, we will face our close allies, the Ice Warriors. Remember to be on chat 15 minutes before the event starts. Let’s aim for 45+ and a victory!

Comment If you can come!

Schneizel Policy in Effect

Greetings all ACP soldiers!

I have noticed lack of recruiters on ACPRF, which is unacceptable and I hope to take ACPRF out of this depression that it’s had for the past few days. All moderators are required to be in the ACPTR or ACPRF and right now, ACPTR isn’t running and which requires you all to join the ACPRF. Post a comment with the form if you either wish to join ACPRF as a member, or as a mod (the new mods are required to do this). Here’s the form you comment:

1. Your WordPress username (check your email for the invitation, you must accept it)!:

2. You’re current rank in ACP:

3. Do you acknowledge all information received is confidential and not to be released to anyone outside of the ACPRF?

Apply as soon as you can, and be sure to recruit one hour a day “to keep the kermit away” *grins*!

**Note: If you are a member or mod, and you recruit at least 1 hour a day, your chances for promotion are drastically increased.**


Commander in Chief