[TODAY]Quarter Finals Against IW [MUST ATTEND]

All members who come WILL BE PROMOTED! (excluding highest members), 4 members will get TEMP MOD, and 3 mods will get TEMP OWNER!

Saturday, 9th August[TODAY]

Army Of CP vs. Ice Warriors

Klondike, Berg (meet at town)

12:30pm PST//1:30pm MST//2:30pm CST//3:30pm EST//8:30pm UK


Greetings ACP, last week we managed to beat PR to get to the Quarter Finals. This time, we will face our close allies, the Ice Warriors. Remember to be on chat 15 minutes before the event starts. Let’s aim for 45+ and a victory!

Comment If you can come!

24 Responses

  1. I will come!

  2. I can come!

  3. I’ll try to attend.I’m having a sleepover in my friend’s house on that day

  4. probably can make it

  5. Can’t make it, gonna be at my grandma’s funeral

  6. I’ll be able to make it.

  7. I think I can make it

  8. I WILL COME!!!!
    PS: Only if im home on Saturday

  9. I can come ! Lets win!!

  10. As of right now I can come! Lets show everyone what ACP can do! 🙂

  11. I can make it! I am so excited!!!!! This is gonna be my first one in this Army!

  12. I would like to announce my temporary resignation from the ACP. I need time to get my priorities straight with school starting soon, but this might not be the very end of my army career. It could be a week, a month, or even til Christmas before I return, but as for now, you have my permission to remove me from the ranks.


  13. I’ll see if I can go

  14. Probably about 40%-50% that I can come.

  15. Not quite sure if ill be able to make it, but I will definitely try.

  16. I can come

  17. I apologize but sadly i can’t make it. 😦 I wish the best of luck to ACP though! (I am going whitewater rafting so i can’t attend)

  18. yes i can make it

  19. I will try to make it…

  20. I quit swat and unban me plz

  21. Let’s do this ACP (PS I’m going)

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