Legends Cup Quarterfinals Results

Greetings ACP. Today I am proud of what we did. Even though we lost, we did great. We gave Ice Warriors a run for their money along with getting great sizes. Pre-battle we were able to get 37 in the town before we moved to the stadium, where we got 25 with 12 lock outs. Great job ACP, keep your head up. Good times await. Members comment if you made it to receive your PROMOTION.

[If you have pictures of the pre-battle, please pc Mike on chat.]

25 in battle room with 12 locked out at forts.


acρ 2η∂ ιη cσммaη∂

23 Responses

  1. I was there {WormBoy16}.

  2. I was there. Great job ACP!

  3. I was locked out, but I made it to the berg

  4. k next time we have an event I’ll take pics 3 isn’t enough
    I came btw

  5. I was there!! We did great!

  6. i came

  7. Came for about 2/3 of it. So I guess I’m a sergeant major now?

  8. I came, we did our best

  9. Great job acp. Dont let this one small loss get you down. ACP has won many other battles.

  10. I got a promotion! Thank you, ACP

  11. I made it!

  12. I came. Sercan thinks we got 18 what a liar.

  13. i came

  14. I came, I’m a member 🙂 (Rocky24568)

  15. I came

  16. I came for most of it, and I’m in all three screen shots

  17. I was locked out 😦

  18. I attended didnt get locked out btw

  19. I attended didnt get locked out btw (Menchies258)

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