[Survey Corps Report]Formations/Tactics session

Hey ACP yesterday we logged onto Mammoth for a Formation/Tactics session.I’m happy to report it went well. We started off getting the tactics on point and we averaged 25. Then at the Ice Berg we practiced bombs and formations. We did an L at first then completed a diagonal line.Well done guys, I must say however, next week will be our week to rise I’ll say that. Sadly, nobody took pics and I was lagging too much to do so. Remember to come to the Legends Cup battle, it’s mandatory!

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  1. I came

  2. i came

  3. Retirement of I Am Kicky(title)
    Unfortunately my time has come to retire(again) from cp and cp armies as im too old and i am slowly become more and more inactive due to other stuff going on in my life.
    I dont know when i first joined ACP but I was in ACP in April 2010 when Shab and Ias where leader. See here: http://armyofclubpenguin.com/2010/04/01/promotions-7/ . I kept quitting and rejoining ACP but if i stayed in ACP i would be an owner rank now. I rejoined ACP in February 2014 and got 2nd highest member and later i got my first promotion and after that i got soldier of the week and then later i got another promotion and then i got my second promotion to lowest mod rank which i am now (7ic). This year i had achieved more than i ever had in ACP and i met some new friends along the way but first i wanted to thank Ahmed 7569 as he was member when i joined and he got a lot of promotions as he was a loyal active soldier, hes now 3ic. Ahmed has been my friend and an inspiration to me to keep active since i joined ACP this year and i want to congratulate him. Congratulations buddy!
    A few of some other new friends ive met in ACP include:
    Amax1(retired),Flipmoo(retired),Mrtchy(leader),Purpleslime4(leader),Sercan(left acp),Stromae(left acp)

    Farewell acp
    Love you all loads

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