The Retirement of Dw2608.

Hello ACP,

So this is sudden and all, you probably already read the title and knew what this’s post about, yea, the retirement of Dw2608 ( It’s me!!!). Well, as some of you may know, I have been planning on retiring for CP armies lately. The main reason is due to my lack of time, it’s really hard to manage to do all of the stuff in real life while at the same time help leading Ausia and work as the ACP 3ic. But with all the unexpected events like Flipmoo’s retirement and wars, I couldn’t just leave ACP when it still need me (well, I don’t know, did you guy need me?). And now it’s just getting harder to balance both life and ACP, as you may notice, I hardly showed up at events last few weeks, also school will start for me in a week, so it will be pretty much nearly impossible to even come on chat, not talking about fulfilling my duties as a 3ic. Again, sorry for my sudden retirement, I really want to stay and help ACP more and do everything I planned, but I just don’t have enough time, I’m really sorry. So yea, the retirement post of Dw2608.

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