The Retirement of Dw2608.

Hello ACP,

So this is sudden and all, you probably already read the title and knew what this’s post about, yea, the retirement of Dw2608 ( It’s me!!!). Well, as some of you may know, I have been planning on retiring for CP armies lately. The main reason is due to my lack of time, it’s really hard to manage to do all of the stuff in real life while at the same time help leading Ausia and work as the ACP 3ic. But with all the unexpected events like Flipmoo’s retirement and wars, I couldn’t just leave ACP when it still need me (well, I don’t know, did you guy need me?). And now it’s just getting harder to balance both life and ACP, as you may notice, I hardly showed up at events last few weeks, also school will start for me in a week, so it will be pretty much nearly impossible to even come on chat, not talking about fulfilling my duties as a 3ic. Again, sorry for my sudden retirement, I really want to stay and help ACP more and do everything I planned, but I just don’t have enough time, I’m really sorry. So yea, the retirement post of Dw2608.

Well, I’m never good at writing, and I didn’t plan out what to write, so everything below is pretty much what came to my mind while I were writing this, and probably it’s just best way, I guess, just write down my thoughts and feelings, nothing fancy. Let’s start with something like almost every other retirement post, my CP armies career and what I have accomplished throughout the journey.

During June, 2013, I found out about CP armies, and I decided to join ACP so I could have something to do during the summer. Little did I know back then, joining ACP was probably the best decision I had made during that summer, I met a lot of of people that would be my best friends later on, people that helped and taught me so many thing, I experienced something truly amazing, something I would never forget. Soon after I joined ACP, I met Flipmoo, who asked me to join the division he created with Ken/ Splasher for people from Australia and Asia, and I was lucky enough to be trusted by Flip and got promoted to the first ACP Ausia 3ic, and thus got mod on chat. After that, I focused on ACP only, contributed everything I could, and after nearly a year, on 28th May, I got promoted to ACP third in command, so now here I am, after more than a year served ACP, I’m finally retiring. So that’s basically my career in CP armies community, not thing really special about it, but I was lucky enough to be there, witnessing the creation of ACP Ausia division, the unbelievable height it has achieved.

And now, the sad part, time to say good bye. I wanted to write a little good bye to every single one of you, but I’m afraid I would forget someone and I would feel really horrible, so it’s better this way I guess. Thank you all, no matter how much (or little) we talked, you guys all had somewhat helped me with my CP armies journey or things in real life, in someway or another, and I’m truly appreciate it. And if I ever caused troubles to you, said something or did something that offended you, I’m really sorry (you know, I’m kind of immature sometime).

So yea, again thank you, and especially to Flipmoo, Turbo, Ken and Mrtchy, you guys are the people I spent most time talking with, and I learnt a lots from you guys, without meeting you guys, I would probably can’t be a better person like I’m now (probably be like a really immature and impatient b****)

And also to the Ausia troops, you guys are really amazing, I have a lot of fun memories with you guys, and all the thing we did together will never be forgotten.

To Kat, Star, Lauren and Amax, you guys are the future of ACP Ausia, so please help Mrtchy (he’s really suck <3) I’m sorry I couldn’t spend more time help you guys prepare, but I’m sure you will be awesome, as alway.

Lastly, thanks Sky, Viv, Lionz, Ahmed, Slime, Mike, Selena, Mak, Tigrss, Ivan, Infinity for everything. Oh, and thank Andy/Peg for the stories, you are really nice, if you soemhow check ACP site and read this post.

To the rest of ACP, its troops and commanders, thank you all and good luck in the future.

And I’m sorry if I forgot to mention any of you, but you know it, I’ll never forget anyone of you, adn good luck.

So yea, this is the end to my journey here (for now?), it has been an amazing experience, and I could never ask anything more.

Good bye, ACP ❤

~Dw2608, ACP 3rd in Command, Ausia 2nd in Command.

28 Responses

  1. 1st!

  2. Bai Dw, you are a really great owner and a really great friend, I hope you can visit for a while ;(

  3. Good bye Dw. You were a great friend, and soldier. Thank you for your time in ACP.

  4. bye dw! lol i remember when u went on tc i was like o shiz ur not american lol. good luck in life!

  5. i speak for all of when i say “goodbye, my friend. Live long a prosper bro.” You were a kind person and it makes me sad to see you leave. good luck in life, and have a great one.

  6. I speak for all of us when I say “Good bye, my friend. Live long and prosper bro.” You were a kind person and it makes me sad to see you leave. Good luck in life, and have a great one.

  7. I go on a trip, I miss everything… Wat.
    You were and are a funny person and we’ll miss you!

  8. Dw, you gave me different perspectives on all the things I ask you about, and I thank you so much for your input and assistance you have given me. It’s been wonderful getting to know you, especially that one night we were really sad, and now that time is here. You provided the ACP Ausia division with great advice, friendliness and inapness (wat), I really hope you visit as much as you can, you’ll be missed my friend.

    • I will miss you too 😦 I will try to visit as much as possible and keep thing updated so I can give you my opinions on stuff if you need to, but yea, good luck.

  9. Np! DW you have been such a groovy ACP ausia owner, you had a lot of potential! Very sad to see you leave unexpectedly. I never knew soooo much about you, but I know you’re an awesome and funny guy. Cya until next time.. -purp in France in a terrible apartment with 16€ WiFi per device

    • Slimeeeee, keep up the good work you are doing, you are a great leader and the whole ACP look up to you, and I sure will miss the mad libs xD

  10. Oh god, lotsa people are retiring these days… Bye Dw 😥 we’re gonna miss ya!

  11. Dw, you were one of the most loyalest troops that I’ve ever met and you’ve been a very nice friend as well. Thanks for being there for me when I needed help. Not only that, but you were a great analyzer and you helped other ACP commanders with your well-planned strategies and ability to find a solution to every problem.
    It’s really sad to see you go.

    I’ll miss you a bunch. Bye friend!


    baiiiii dwwww

    ur the best

    we’ll keep talking of course


      And well, we will keep talking anw, so it’s not really necessary saying good bye to you.

  13. DW! I’ll miss you :/
    Especially the DWDWDWDWDW * 1000000!
    You were an amazing friend and of course a great 3ic! And you were funny too!!! xD

    (PS:- I wanted to do That * 10 but my comment would probably get deleted so.. xD)

    I’ll miss you! Byee DWDWDWDWDWDWDW

  14. hmm have a great day well miss ya

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