Greetings troops, Purpleslime4 here! Summer is meant for fun, right? Indeed.. obviously, of course.. duh… well, we haven’t been doing great this summer and therefore it means more RECRUITINGS and TRAININGS! Work hard, play hard: that’s how ACP does it! But still, if we want to be bigger we must recruit. Yeah, maybe some of you are lazy and think  recruiting is too much work but do you want to see your army like this? C’mon!

Here are the events for the week, let’s make this august as groovy as possible!

Friday, 22nd of August

UK Practice Battle VS RPF

Server: To be announced when event starts

Times: 8:00pm UK // 3:00pm EST // 2:00pm CST // 1:00pm MST // 12:00am PST // 12:30am IST  // 4:00am JST // 3:00am WST

USA Recruiting Session

 Server: To be announced when event starts

Times: 7pm EST // 6pm CST // 5pm MST // 4pm PST // 8am JST // 5:30am IST // 7am WST // 12am UK (midnight)


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