Hello ACP, today we logged onto Breeze, 1 bar, to face the Golden Troops in a PB. due to miss-communication with GT leaders and purple, and GT logging off early due to them winning with the “10 minute rule”, we decided to PB IW, which was a lot more competitive. We started off in the forts with sizes of around 20-25, then moved briefly to the berg, then went to the plaza where we hit sizes of 27. Thank you Ice Warriors for giving us some competition. 4 medals if you came!

Pre-battle, sizes of 20-25.

Seems like GT needed some help.

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[AUSIA] Battle Against LT/Recruiting

Greetings ACP!

Today the AUSIA divsion logged into Alaska, a 3 bar server for a good ol’ recruiting! A few LT troops came on but soon logged off against as we were too great. We were able to obtain sizes of 21+ on CP with acceptable tactics and sizes. Hopefully we can finish the week on a high, PB against RF tomorrow, hopefully we can win that and do ACP proud! 2 medals if you came.







Comment if you came!


Commander in Chief