Sunday, 24th of August

Break for all forces!

UK Practice Battle with RPF RESULTS

Greetings ACP. Today we faced off against RPF on Breeze. It was a competitive and fun battle, with both armies doing well. Since purple had computer troubles and had to log off early, the 2ics led the event. We averaged 20 with very nice tactics. This week has been very successful, and let’s end it with a bang tomorrow!

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Snowball Fight Time!

Hello ACP. You read this title right. We are having a fun snowball fight 😀 ! I hope this excites you. We could raid the Puffle Hotel, Pizza Parlour, The Stage and more rooms! So here are the times, by the way colours will be blue and red. No need to comment if you can come but check the post if you can. I think the time is clever, because all the divisions should have a bit coming if they are interested. Click read more for the times. Continue reading

[AUSIA] PB Against RF

Greetings ACP!

Tonight the AUSIA division had a Practice Battle against the RF. This was mildly successful, despite me having to go afk and have the mods lead majority of the event! We successfully won the PB. We were able to get 15 on CP and had good tactics! 3 medals if you made it. Here’s the results:

run forest


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Recruit for Temp-Mod!

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Greetings ACP!

Awesome news from the ACPRF, from now on, you can autotype to get moderator for one day! It’s really fun, introduce new people to the army, and become apart of this great army’s inner circles. It’s a fantastic way of meeting new people around the army and getting to know others. Express your ideas on how to make ACP a funner, better and more exciting place! If you want to help out ACP, or just get temp mod, just enter the following application in a comment below! Happy recruiting ACP!

1. Your name on the Ranks?

2. Your WordPress Username?

It’s really easy! We’ll add you asap, if not, contact an owner on chat and get them to add you!


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