[UK Division]Tactics Session Results!

Hey ACP, today we had a quick tactics session where he had about 17-18 on CP with good tactics. I want you guys to be a bit more quicker with the tactics and hold it for longer, doing it once wont help you. The server was Alpine which was a 2 bar (proof shown below) and the event was led by Djkb1 and his trusty side-kick Ahmed. Pics by Ahmed. Decent event guys!



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[UK Division]Recruiting/Training Session Results

Hey ACP, today we logged onto Big Foot which was a 3 bar at the time, for a Training/Recruiting session. At first we were a bit slow getting on, but at the end we pulled through. We had around 20-21 for the recruiting. Overall, this was a decent event. Make sure you guys come to next week’s events! Pics by Ahmed.¬†



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