Events of the week 25-31 of August

Sunday, 31st of August

Training Session // CP Raid [UK + US]

Server: To be announced when event starts

Times: 5:00pm EST // 4:00pm CST // 3:00pm MST // 2:00pm PST // 10:00pm UK

Greetins’, ACP! Purp here. Here are the battles and events of the week. These events are extremely important to attend, because as you know the promotions coming soon!

If you want to be promoted, then attend events! If you want to see us get huge sizes, attend events! If you want us to be NUMBER ONE, attend events!


IST: Indian standard time (India)

WST: Western standard time (Western Australia)

JST: Japan standard time (Japan)

UK: United Kingdom time (time zone is actually is called BST or GMT)

New US Owners

Greetings ACP, 

Today, after a while of debating, and with school approaching for most of the US force, we have decided on the next US 3ics. We have had 2 for a month now, but 2 is not enough to run a full fledged division. Therefore, I hereby announce the next US 3ics to be Gar101 and Jacknat02. I also like to announce the promotion of Fluffyboy3 to 2nd in Command.

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vojska od klub pingvin rekapitulacija 16-22 avgust #48

Soldier of the week: Maxy777 of the UK Force

For being an energetic & supportive new moderator and for hosting many mini unscheduled recruiting sessions!

Pozdravi ACP, Purpuran Sluzi4 ovdje!


I have returned from my holiday to France! No no, not Paris.. SOUTH OF FRANCE. It’s better, I swear! Anyway, welcome to m’ACP Recap. This is ACP Recap #48- A  faulty ol’ fall?  Today’s language is, you probably didn’t guess it, …BOSNIAN. Now since it’s summer, I have more time to make my posts so you better appreciate that this is early!

So let’s goooo: grab your groovy fizzy cheese and let’s read more!

Drumroll, please?


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