New US Owners

Greetings ACP, 

Today, after a while of debating, and with school approaching for most of the US force, we have decided on the next US 3ics. We have had 2 for a month now, but 2 is not enough to run a full fledged division. Therefore, I hereby announce the next US 3ics to be Gar101 and Jacknat02. I also like to announce the promotion of Fluffyboy3 to 2nd in Command.

Here are now the current owner ranks:

Commander in Chief 

Purple Slime4, Mrtchy

 Field Marshal 

Mikester, Djkb1, Fluffyboy3


Ahmed 7569, Gar101, Jacknat02

Congratulations to Gar, Jack, and Fluffy for their promotions, and let’s make this school year a good one.

Purple Slime4: Oh yes, new 3ics, here are your nameplates I’d usually put on! Made personally by me. Congratulations for 3ic.  😀


5 Responses

  1. Woot!

  2. Surely, if 2 isn’t enough to run a fully fledged division, why is there only 1 Ausia owner?

    Anyhow, congratulations to the new owners, and I’m sure that they’ll meet, and hopefuly surpass, all of our expectations.

  3. Congratz! 😀

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