Purple Slime’s Purple and Slimey Guide #1 How To Defeat Lag


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[AUSIA] Recruiting

Greetings ACP!

The AUSIA division had a good ol’ recruiting session, and had awesome tactics with mighty fine sizes. We were able to get 22 on CP with awesome tactics. Two medals to those who made it. Here’s the results:



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An Overdue Introduction — Jacknat02

I’m not going to make this overly complicated. This is an overdue post to introduce me after I got third in command. I am Jacknat02, commonly refereed to as Jack. I’m set in for the ride with ACP, and I hope that you are too. I enjoy reading books and messing around which armies(in which I consider a hobby). If you have any questions at all about Tolkien literature I will answer in depth. Have a great day.