AUSIA Practice Battle with Water Vikings RESULTS

Hello ACP, today we logged onto Mammoth, a 1 bar server, to face against the Water Vikings in a friendly practice battle. The battle was a close one, with both armies doing great. We averaged 20 on Club Penguin, with great tactics. We agreed it was a tie, with both armies battling hard the entire time. Great job ACP, 4 medals if you came.

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[AUSIA] Training on Breeze (With a twist!)

Greetings ACP!

Today our loyal soldier, Daisy had her birthday! I hope she really enjoyed herself and had a nice time. She led a couple of tactics and did an awesome job! We were able to get 17 on CP and had perfect tactics, it was awesome! Hopefully AUSIA can continue to rise! We’re improving, ACP! 3 medals if you came. Here’s the results:


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