Training on Breeze — Success

Hello ACP!

Today we logged onto Breeze for a training session; just a standard event. We started out in the Underground Pool, made our way into the Boiler Room, and left off in the Night Club. It was a fun event overall, and I am sure those who attended are glad they did. We maxed 27, and averaged 26. Here are some pictures of the event:

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UK Advanced Tactics Session [RESULTS!]

Hey ACP, today we went on Klondike, a 1 bar and had a successful advanced tactics session. We maxed 24 and averaged 23. Good job, this is the start of ACP’s Great Rise! 2 medals if you came! We also made magnificent formations, click read more for pics

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exèrcit de porra pingüí resum #49 23-29 agost

Troop of the week:

Daisy of the AUSIA Force

For attending many AUSIA events and for chat recruiting. Congrats!

Salutacions ACP, porpra llim4 aquí! Welcome to myyy one and only ACP Recap. Today’s language is Catalan! And no, cats DO NOT speak that language. You know, I just noticed that other armies now do weekly recaps. Did they copy me or did they just do it for the top ten?  Well, either way.. groovy.

And this is ACP Recap #49 No need for a title, we’ve almost made 50 posts!!! (in your face, other armies’ recap posts!)

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[AUSIA] Training Session Results

Greetings ACP,

Today the ACP had our AUSIA Training Session. We did great maxing an astounding 27 while we averaged 25. Sadly, we only had two good pics, but that’s still amazing! Great job ACP! Let’s try to get this many for our USA division!




Commander in Chief

List Of Club Penguin Tactics [Mainly for New Recruits]

Basically, this post will help new recruits to see what tactics are.


We also use word tactics, the main ones are:

Occasionally, we ask for bombs, waterfalls and rakes

  • Bombs are spamming a tactic and running around the room
  • Waterfalls are spamming a tactic while running up and down
  • Rakes are spamming a tactic while running across

Example Of A Joke Bomb

Example Of “CLOVER POWER” Waterfall

Example Of E+T Toot Rake

When leaders say “RAINBOW BOMB ON 3” that means any emote tactic while running around. Join me next time for a post about event typed 😛 !




Back To School Party Officially Announced

If you read my previous post, you probably know that the school party was likely to happen next month, well it’s now official. Continue reading