UK/USA Training Session RESULTS

Hey ACP! Purp here! Yes, I managed to attend this event. School starts late tomorrow for some reason, oh yesss. Well anyway, today at 9pm UK we had an awesome training with many new troops (welcome, you guys!) and it went out AWESOME. We had FABULOUS tactics and sizes of 21 the whole time. We also made some groovy formations. ON A TUESDAY! Boy, I’m impressed.

3 medals if you came, read more for pics and make sure you comment if you came.

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October Party Announcement! (Obvious, duhhh!)

Hey ACP! If you are a club-penguin-a-holic you may love this news. This year it is a Halloween party, just like other years, how obvious. Will there be awesome features like last year? Let’s wait and see!


 I know this is going to come as a huge surprise, but for those of you wondering what party is coming in October…


It’s going to be full of spook-tastic spookiness! Get ready to be spooked 😉

An Eventful, Euphoric, Epic, Endeavouring, Enjoyable and Exciting Eight Years

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PB against IW

Hey ACP, today we logged onto Breeze for a PB against the Ice Warriors, and came out victorious. It was a great event, maxing about 40 and averaging about 37 with great tactics, well done guys, this week has been awesome! And now, on to the pics!!!


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The Firing of Gar101

Greetings ACP

Gar101 has committed many offenses within the ACP, and as a result the Commander in Chiefs of ACP have made a decision to fire him from the Army of Club Penguin. He will remain as mod on chat as long as he complies with the rules. First of all, Gar has committed treason within the ACP, attempting to remove myself (Mrtchy) from the Commander in Chief position.

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Greetings ACP!

This afternoon the ACP logged into Avalanche for a nice Training session. We had mediocre tactics, maxing 38 and averaging 36. Hope to pick up a bit more after claiming that #2 spot this week! Let’s try to take that first place! 3 medals if you came, here’s the results:



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Hello ACP!

Today we logged into Breeze (1 Bar) for an U-Lead! We had pretty good tactics, led by our troops! We were able to get sizes of 22! Averaging 20! Three medals if you came! Overall, good event! Unfortunately the pictures aren’t as good as the tactics were! Here’s the results:


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Week in Review [9/21/14 – 9/27/14]

Greetings ACP. This week was the first full week of the triumvirate, and also one of our best weeks in a long time. We were able to get 24 quality points, just one short of full quality points, and maintaining big sizes despite other armies falling.

Requested Top Ten picture.

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Champions Cup Results[VICTORY]

Hey ACP, today we logged on to Klondike for the Champions Cup tournament against WV! Overall it was an amazing battle with us maxing 38 with lockouts and averaging 37. We had awesome tactics and over 45 on chat. Keep it up guys, 7 medals if you came. Pics by Mrtchy! Continue reading

All Divisions Practice Battle with GT RESULTS [GT No Show]

Greetings ACP. Today, we logged onto Klondike to face the Golden Troops in a Practice Battle, but we soon found out they cancelled. We decided to stay on and work on some advanced tactics, such as 4 vertical lines. We managed to average 35 the entire time, with the triumvirate leading at the helm. 3 medals were given for attending the event.

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