Spoopy Halloween!

Hey, ACP.

On behalf of the owners, I hope everyone had an amazing Halloween.  Use all of that candy you got to get sugar rushes and go crazy.  If recruiting ever gets boring now, you should definitely have a week’s supply of candy to produce a sugar high to give you more energy. 😆

Hopefully everyone remembers the events for tomorrow that are crucial.  There is a practice battle against our long time allies, the Doritos, for all AUSIA soldiers; while the Americans’ and Europeans’ will be able to prove how well of a leader they are in the U-Leads.

This time last year, we were in a war with the Nachos!  We’re still going strong to this day.

Hopefully everyone had an amazing Halloween!  What’s the best candy you got when going trick-or-treating?


ACP Panel of Guardians

[AUSIA] Air Force U-Lead

Greetings ACP!

Tonight the AUSIA division had a little U-Lead on Snow Day [2 Bar]. We actually had really awesome sizes, near perfect tactics, and a great time! Troops led up to three times 😀 Two medals if you came. We maxed 26 and averaged 24. Here’s the results:



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[AUSIA] Battle vs Bots

Greetings ACP!

Tonight the awesome AUSIA logged into Summit for a predicted battle against DCP, which fell through and was cancelled. We then logged on and proceeded with a training, but were interrupted by very passive bots. They often retreated and didn’t fight us, probably due to our size. We maxed about 24 and averaged 22. 3 medals if you made it. Here’s the results:



are u human

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Navy Recruits on White Out!

Hey guys, Purp here! I just returned from my vacation with a good UK recruiting session. We spammed and did tactics for the whole time, and we had pretty decent results. We maxed 21 with mighty fine tactics. Good job everyone who came, let’s hope this happens more frequently.

2 medals if you cameeee… read more for me and Ahmed’s pics!

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Getting to know troops!

Hello ACP!

There are so many troops in acp! And it wouldn’t be possible to know everybody, would it? So here’s getting to know acp’s amazing troops. Over here I interact with some of our most loyal troops and find out some cool facts about them, not only that I ask for their perspective in matters and events happening in acp. Today I interviewed Harry who’s a Brigadier General and Will who’s an acp sergeant! Let me say I found out some pretty cool facts about them and their views on acp!

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Greetings ACP!

Tonight the Amazing AUSIA logged into Caribou for some awesome U-Lead session! We arrived at the beach and did amazingly, then took our journey towards the ski village, then ventured into the ski lodge! I was challenged by Silver for a  Find Four, and marginally won, it was good fun, good game silver! 😛 We had maxed about 25 or so, and averaged about 23 or so with pretty damned great tactics! 3 medals if you came to the U-Lead. Here’s the results:

acpel bombj


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Air Force [Ausia] PB with IW!

Hello ACP!

Today we logged into Sub Zero for a PB with the Ice Warriors! We had pretty amazing tactics and a pretty good size too! Not to forget the pink party! (It was fun, wasn’t it? Haha) We averaged 21 and maxed 23! Overall, Good Job Ausia! 3 medals if you came! Here’s the results:



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November Pirate Party 2014 Sneak Peek!

Hey ACP! As some of you know, the Pirate Party is coming next month. It is expected to start on the 20th Of November.

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CP Full Halloween Party Rooms [Excluding the Haunted Hotel]

Hello ACP, the Halloween Party is now finally FULLY out. You can now adopt a ghost puffle! Read on for more pictures.

The Pool

Ski Hill






Snow Forts

Coffee Shop




Mine Shack





Thanks for reading, Ahmed and Slime!

AUSIA Recruiting!


ACP AUSIA logged into a 3 bar [Flurry] for recruiting. We had some fun, got a few new troops, had okay size, and good tactics! 2 medals to those who came. We maxed around 21 or so, and averaged 19. Here’s the results:




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