Champions Cup Battle against Golds[Victory]

Hey ACP, today we proved again how we are one of the strongest armies in Club Penguin. We logged onto Klondike for a tournament battle in which we smashed the Golds and maxed 36 with awesome tactics and a massive chat size of over 40! Overall, it was an amazing event and we manage to gain 3 points in our table! Keep it up guys, I want to see more of this on weekends and possibly, weekdays. Anyways, the pics are from Mrtchy and the event was led by the owners. 7 medals if you came! Continue reading

All Divisions Training Session

Hey ACP! Today at 3:30pm UK, we logged on and had a training session. We did good, maxing 22 and averaging 20! 3 medals if you came. Read for pics.

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AUSIA Training on Tundra

Greetings ACP!

This afternoon the ACP AUSIA logged in to kick some butt! We had amazing tactics, sizes and formations! We explored the Town, Forest and Berg with some spectacular turnout! We maxed 35 and averaged 33 on CP! AWESOME JOB AUSIA! 4 medals if you came, here’s the results:

its all ogre nowe8

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