Unscheduled Defense Breeze SUCCESSFUL [IW Raid]

Hello ACP, Today the Ice Warriors decided to raid our capital breeze in between our Sunday events, expecting to have an easy victory without much competition. I am proud to say we showed them wrong. Within 15 minutes we chased them off the server with our superior size and tactics. We did fantastic for an unscheduled event, maxing 23 and averaging 21. IW will think twice about raiding us from now on.

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1st On The Top Ten!

Hey ACP! After months of hard work and rises and falls we finally got 1st in the top ten 😀 ! Let’s keep this going.

This week’s Top Ten

Last time we were first, 22nd June 2014


2 months ago

Our weakest point this year

All Divisions Streaking Raid

Greetings ACP!

Tonight the ACP celebrated getting first by, eh, “expressing ourselves”! We had fun causing trouble and making people think “wtf?” and laughed out loud! We maxed around 21 and averaged 20 or so. We had alright tactics. Here’s the results:

acpacpacpacp e5

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AUSIA Training on Sherbert (yum)

Greetings ACP!

The AUSIA division had a nice little training session and maxed 23 and averaged 21 with amazing tactics per usual! We moved to Town, Beach and Ski Village. 2 medals if you came, here’s the results:

army of cp

ponies rules

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Exército de Caxata Pingüín resume #52 28 Septembro – 4 Outubro

Soldier of the week:

Beanokid95 of the UK Force!

For being super active and attending lots of UK events!

Saúdos, ACP! Vermello lama aquí!

Andddd as for ALWAYS, WELCOME TO MY ACP RECAP! This is my lovely, good ol’ ACP Recap #52- The tremendous triplets *wary* This week’s language I found on Google Translate is Galician. Yup.

I see no point in putting my title up in different languages anymore.

ANYWAY, read more puh-leaaase so you can experience the groovyness that is the one and only ACP RECAP!

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Events of the week [6th-12th of October]

Saturday, 11th of October

US/USA Tournament Battle vs Fire Strikers

Server: Klondike

Times: 8pm UK // 3pm EST // 2pm CST // 1pm MST // 12pm PST

Hey guys, Purpleslime4 here! Awesome week, huh?  Liking how we got first? Well if you want us to get first for a second week, you better attend these events! Just make sure you do your homework before or after an event, NOT DURING. Organise your time, troops!

I’m relying on not just the owners, but you too; to perform terrific tactics, to join in events and add to the super sizes, to recruit and be as loyal as ever and to have as much fun as you possibly CAN.

So give it a good one, troops! Comment if you can come. Let’s do this thing. Mission not- impossible: HAVE A GROOVY WEEK!!!

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