Events of the week [6th-12th of October]

Saturday, 11th of October

US/USA Tournament Battle vs Fire Strikers

Server: Klondike

Times: 8pm UK // 3pm EST // 2pm CST // 1pm MST // 12pm PST

Hey guys, Purpleslime4 here! Awesome week, huh?  Liking how we got first? Well if you want us to get first for a second week, you better attend these events! Just make sure you do your homework before or after an event, NOT DURING. Organise your time, troops!

I’m relying on not just the owners, but you too; to perform terrific tactics, to join in events and add to the super sizes, to recruit and be as loyal as ever and to have as much fun as you possibly CAN.

So give it a good one, troops! Comment if you can come. Let’s do this thing. Mission not- impossible: HAVE A GROOVY WEEK!!!

Sunday, 12th of October


Server: Kosciuszko

Times: 1:30 pm UK // 8:30 am EST // 7:30 am CST // 6:30 am MST // 5:30 am PST // 9:30 pm JST // 6:00 pm IST // 8:30 pm PT


ALL DIVISIONS Practice Battle against ?????

Server: TBA

Times: 3:30pm UK // 10:30am EST // 9:30am CST // 8:30am MST // 7:30am PST // 11:30pm JST // 8pm IST // 10:30pm PT


UK/US Advanced Tactic Session

Server: TBA

Times:  5pm UK // 12pm EST // 11am CST // 10am MST // 9am PST


US/USA Recruiting Session

Server: TBA

Times: 8pm UK // 3pm EST // 2pm CST // 1pm MST // 12pm PST

22 Responses

  1. will attend Monday’s first 🙂

  2. Can’t attend any AUSIA except for maybe Saturday’s and Sunday’s. Probably can attend all UK except for Monday’s and maybe Friday’s. Only US/UK I can attend atm is Tuesday’s. I’ll see if I can attend the weekend’s US/UK (I probably can). And I can most likely attend all US.

  3. i have been banned for no reason now i can’t get back on. Please let me back in or I will join another army


  4. I have been banned for no reason unban me or i will go to a different army

  5. All UK

  6. I can’t come on I have been banned for no reason

    Please unban me as I didn’t do anything wrong. Maybe you should reset the chat?

  7. is it a real battle or a practice?The one against iw I mean. 😃😉

  8. Will be attending all the events for friday

  9. 😀

  10. I can attend events on weekends, or anytime after 4:15

  11. what server is TBA

  12. am i still in this? lel

  13. maybe i can attend

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  15. i have been hushed for no reason

    • Don’t worry, Peno! Sometimes we need to hush on chat so everyone can see what we are saying, because sometimes we need to say motivational things or announce important things to all of the troops. Don’t worry, you’d only be hushed for 10-60 seconds and everyone else will be hushed apart from the owners!

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