Early UK Recruiting/Ulead

Hey guys, Purp here! Today at 5pm UK, we had a fairly good recruiting/ulead session. We reached up to 18ish on CP and had pretty decent tactics. Good job to everyone who came, 2 medals if you attend!

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UK Practice Battle with IW

Hey ACP, Ahmed here. So today, we had a PB with IW. It was great, we maxed 19 and averaged 17! Good job ACP, 3 medals if you came. Read on for the pics

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Bringing An End To AutoTyping


Greetings ACP

I have come here, and posted this in response to Club Penguin filtering words relating to Armies that exist alongside the ACP. I hope that other armies will follow ACP, take a stand to what really is unnecessary. AutoTyping is an idea created over our own laziness, that could overall potentially lead to our destruction. This isn’t about this generation, it’s about whether there will be another generation of troops, or leaders. I want to come onto the ACP website in 4 years time to see us up and running, hitting awesome sizes. I want to be able to show my army’s colours, I want to be able to say ACP FOREVER, POWER IN THE CLOVER, showing the true might of the ACP.

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AUSIA Mining Exhibition Results!

Greetings ACP!

Tonight the AUSIA division had an epic mining exhibition! We maxed 33 and averaged about 30. We had pretty cool tactics and had a fun time! 3 medals if you came, here’s the results:



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