UK PB VS Pirates

Hey guys, whoa. An event hasn’t been posted in ages! Finally, here’s one. We were meant to battle off the pirates, however I guess their ship was in the wrong port so it was a no-show. However, we carried on with a nice tactic session averaging 16-17 the whole event. Good job to everyone who came, 2 medals if you attended! Read more for me ‘n’ Maxy’s pics

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CP Year of the puffles/ Player Card update

Hey ACP! This year is officially year of the puffles! Dino, cat, dog, snowman puffles were found this year! More are to come.

Puffle Sneak Peak

Now for the player card. This is rather minor but every item you buy, they are at the top of your inventory, instead of scrolling down.


My new recruiting idea!

Hello, ACP!

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