Slime’s Hallo-whacky-ween Extravagangza Week #1- DRAWING CONTEST RESULTS!

Hey ACP, Purp here! Week 1 for the drawing contest has ended: 6 awesome drawings have been entered in to the competition, and now it’s time to choose the 3 great winners. The owners will show their opinion on each drawing and  we will determine who will winnnn. So come on then, it’s time!

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AUSIA Recruiting

Greetings ACP!

Tonight the AUSIA division logged on to greet some new penguins into the Army! We logged into Ice Berg [3 bar] for recruiting! We were able to max about 31 and average 28. We had amazing tactics, two medals if you made it! Here’s the results:




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UK Tourney

Hey guys

I have no pics but we won the tournament battle! WOO HOO!! We apparantly had sizes of around 22 or 23 and performed many great tactics & bomb. 4 medals if you came. Hopefully people have pictures. GOOD WORK ACP!