Tournament Battle VS. IW [EVERYONE MUST GO]!

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Mrtchy: This battle is going to be a big part of our decisions on WHO gets promoted. Moderators, members, owners, the lot. EVERYONE, I MEAN EVERYONE must come to this battle! If you don’t come and you’re UK and US your chance for promotion decreases, vice versa. This will also be worth 5 medals if you come! This could very well increase YOUR medal tally by the end of the month! LETS GET 40+

Hello ACP, everyone MUST attend this battle against the Ice Warriors. They beat us last time and people predict IW are going to win, so let’s show them who is the victorious army here! We are probably going to be equal on size, so we must get into the room go tapa! (quickly in Irish). Here are the times:


Saturday 25th October

ACP vs. IW Tournament Battle

Server: Klondike|| Room: Town

Times: 8:15pm UK, 3:15pm EST, 2:15pm CST, 1:15pm MST, 12:15pm PST


Report to the Chat:

Hiring New ACPTR Staff! — Apply Here!

Hello guys I’m Super one of the new leaders of ACPTR! I have a question for you! Have you ever wanted to teach the new recruits of ACPTR? To teach someone and see them rise through the ranks of Acp thanks to you? Do you have what it takes to lead troops to success? If you answered Yes to all three of them questions then you might be interested in applying for staff at ACPTR!

To apply you have to 

  1. Be in the Army of club penguin!
  2. Have a rank higher than Captain!
  3. Know the basics of club penguin armies!
  4. Be 100% active

The only staff places left are Interns (US,UK,AUSIA) and Instructors (HIRING UK ANDAUSIA ONLY BECAUSE US IS FULL) 

To apply fill out this form:

What is your name on ranks?

What is your rank?

What is your time zone?

Have you ever been in ACPTR before?

Will you be 100% active for ACPTR?

What staff positions do you think would suit you best out of instructor and intern?

Important Links:


To Join the ACPTR

Good luck to all the troops who apply! If your entry form is successful you will be teaching cadets next November. – Super , ACPTR Leader

Tootin’-on Teutons – PB VS Teutons and a not quite vivid visitor

Hey ACP, purp here! Yes, the Navy force has finally woken up after a few days… with an awesome three way practice battle! It wasn’t meant to be a three way though, we were going against Teutons then suddenly Dark warriors came to divert the scene! This only made things better for our practice battle, though…

All the troops managed to cope with the lag very well. They also performed tactics, bombs & did formations quickly. I also gave Lionzluver temp owner and Kuku1 temp mod! Good job to you guys and especially to all the other troops who worked hard for this battle. Hopefully I can see this at the tournament battle against Ice Warriors ( in means of tactics! ).

3 medals if you came! By the way, we maxed 15-16 and had sizes of 11-14 the whole time.

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[AUSIA] Recruiting/U-Lead

Greetings ACP!

Last night (Wednesday) the AUSIA division logged into White Out [3 bar] to find some new people for the army, with some troops leading the event! We had a good time and hopefully AUSIA will continue to thrive! 2 medals if you came. We maxed 17 and averaged 15. Here’s the results:


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Focusing on: Tactics

Hello ACP!

It’s Star! We have an important tournament against the Ice Warriors soon! Apart from sizes, tactics play an important role in determining the winner. And we want to win, don’t we?

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