CPAC Tourney Battle Semi Finals VS IW [Loss]

Hey guys, Purp here! Today we marched on Mammoth, did our tactics, fought the IW and did our best. Good battle to you guys. We managed to do some pretty nice tactics but should improve on formations! We had sizes of 17-22 the whole time (unfortunately) and that poll on the post proved that soldiers were being lazy. Not a good thing, guys. Not a good thing…

Anyway, pics are to be added….

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Introducing Poll of The Week

Hello ACP!

 We’ll be having a weekly poll! Yesss!!  The poll will be about anything and everything! In fact anything Random!! Andddd, if you have any ideas about what the next poll should be, feel free to let me know! Here’s this weeks poll: 


party time   Don‘t forget to VOTE!

– Star

Air Force [AUSIA] PB Against DCP/Teutons

Greetings ACP!

Tonight the AUSIA division logged on to battle the DCP, who soon retreated due to our huge size! The Teutons then challenged them to battle us, and we had a really good battle! Good job ACP & Teutons. We had awesome tactics AGAIN, and AUSIA is getting a lot better =D. We maxed about 26 and averaged 23, 3 medals to all members who came. Here’s the results:




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